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Glasajte za vašeg omiljenog lika…

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Glavni likovi iz serije i njihove autobiografije

Diego Serrano – Antonio Resines

Diego Serrano

Antonio Resines is a Spanish actor born the 7 from August of 1954 in Torrelavega, Cantabria (Spain).

He is son of Jose Ramon, lawyer, and of Amalia, housewife. It is the second of five brothers.

It studied Sciences of the Information in the University of Alcala of Madrid, where it had like classmates to Carlos Cowherd and Fernando Trueba.

In 1980 it took part in the debut of Fernando Trueba like cinema director, prime Opera.

Taking advantage of its aspect current man, Antonio decided to gain the life working for the cinema and the television, interpreting generally to the husband or the ex–husband of, almost always, Veronica I invaded, Anabel Alonso and Carmen Maura, with fidelity to some directors like Manuel Iborra or already mentioned Fernando Trueba. Films as the dance of the duck (1989), How to be woman and not to die in the attempt (Ana Bethlehem, 1991), or All the men you are equal (1994) are symptomatic on the matter. However, at this time already it began to take part in some thrillers as Everything by grazes (Enrique Urbizu, 1991).

In 1993 it appeared in the film of Alex of the Church, call Mutante.En Action the one that a terrorist group formed by ugly people and deformed, decides to take revenge itself of rich, bourgeois and the handsome ones which they dominate the world.

But thanks to the television its popularity went off. In 1991 it gained his first Photograms of Silver thanks to Eva and Adam: married agency. Shortly after it presented/displayed indiscreet the Objective program next to Anabel Alonso, with which it returned to agree in the thieves go to the office, series of television in which incarnated to a sordomudo tabernero in whose quarry the most veteran thieves of Madrid met.

In 1997 it participated in three films with which its race underwent a turn. In the good star (Frank Ricardo) the actor put itself in the skin of cuarentón castrated that welcomed in a one-eyed woman (Maribel Verdú) embarrassed with whom it got to marry and that years later gave shelter also to its ill ex–fianc2e (Jordi Mollà). In Secondary roads (Emilio Martinez Lazaro), based on the novel of Ignacio Martinez de Pisón, she was a widower whose son (Fernando Ramallo) did not manage to accept to him. The time of the happiness one became a fiftyish one whose marriage undoes in a summer in which their children (Maria Adánez, Silvia Abascal, Pepón Nieto and Carlos Sources) reached their arrival to the maturity.

The following year, Antonio Resines gained the Goya Prize to the best masculine interpretation protagonist, soliciing to its Ricardo son who stopped crying.

Its good gust of wind was completed with the shooting of the girl of your eyes (1998), where it interpreted a cinema director that at the end of the length lost everything. The year with the recording of the series To eleven in house in company of Carmen Maura, Ana finalized Garci’a Obregón, Javier Manrique, Juan Diaz, I free Rabal, Beatriz Rico, Mariola Sources, Mary Carmen Ramirez, Unax Ugalde, Jorge Sanz and Alejo Sauras.

In 2001 Enrique it called it to Urbizu to head the distribution of the box 507, which Antonio Resines was transformed into a man whose daughter was assassinated. By that time the shooting of Marujas took killer place, where he was an unbearable chauvinistic man, and Two hard types, next to Jordi Vilches.

In 2003 its televising series of greater success began to emit itself, the Serrano, in which literally at the top Antonio Resines took the hands when not understanding in this order factors to his wife more cultured than he, to its adolescent children, and in last term to a world that came to him too wide.

In 2005 drama returned to with Another days will come, in that Antonio Resines interpreted to a widower, whose son (Nacho Aldeguer) had suicididado itself, a man who chooses to come out ahead still at the cost of pretending to not know a terrible reality.

Shortly after the actor fractured the leg as a result of a motorcycle accident, fact that he prevented to participate him in Alatriste in the paper initially anticipated of Saldaña (Although he took part in a paper with less length, the official to the control of the Spanish piqueros in the battle of Rocroi). Despite at the end of 2005 he had the opportunity to work in another tape of time, the stupid lady. Known by its Madridismo, from year 2004 Radio participates in a sport social gathering in a vespertine program of Point.

Lucia-Belen Rueda


Bethlehem Wheel, (n. Madrid, 5 of May of 1965), actress


Their parents were engineer of ways and Sevillan professor. It is the median of 6 brothers. To the 7 years one moved with his family to Alicante due to a problem of asthma of his small sister.

It studied Architecture, although it made its pinitos like model.

It was married with Daniel Écija with whom has had three daughters, second of them, unfortunately, died by a cardiac problem being baby. To date of 2006 its civil state it is divorced.

To the 18 years, after finishing to COU march to Madrid to study Architecture. Nevertheless the following year, it knew during vacations in Alicante an Italian 26 years called Massimo Dutti with which it would end up marrying. Later it returned to Madrid where it worked like salesman of floors and model until finishing of presenter in Tele 5, where it worked for several programs of the chain, next to Emilio Aragon in many occasions, for this same chain worked like actress in the series Journalists, Doctor of family and Serrano. In the last years one has shown preference for the cinema and it received the Goya Prize to better actress revelation in 2004 by its paper of Julia in Out to sea.

In January of 2007 it made debut in the Theater, with the Closer work, that already had been interpreted in the cinema by Julia Roberts.

Marcos-Fran Perea

Fran Perea Bilbao (Malaga, 20 of November of 1978), singer and Spanish actor.

Its true name is Francisco Manuel Perea Bilbao (Manuel Alpaca called their friendly to him). During its youth in Tenerife, Fran Perea was member of a group of boy-scouts.

Superior of Dramatic Art of Malaga received the master’s degree in Dramatic Art in the School.

The Commissioner was released like actor in a chapter of the series (Telecinco, produced by Globomedia). In the 2001 it participates in several shorts, like happy End for a crime of Aure Roces, and leaving class is gotten up to A, giving life to the paper of Hugo. In April of 2003 it participated in another series of Telecinco and Globomedia, Serrano.

Song 1& 1 is 7 more, syntony of Serrano, quickly became number 1 of list of sales in 2003: it was the beginning of the musical race of Fran; which it followed, in October of that same year, its first disc: The girl of the room of alongside, with subjects made up of Pau Donés de Jarabe de Palo, Coti and Xabi San Martin (the ear of Goes Gogh).

In June of 2005 it publishes its second disc in the market, titleholder New paragraph, with six subjects made up of he himself and their band.

Friend 2003 was name to the Prizes as Artist Revelation and has 4 platinum discs and 1 golden record.

At the beginning of 2006 it left to its personage in the series Serrano to dedicate itself to the cinema.

She is the protagonist, along with Leon Alpaca, of the first film like director of Fernando Guillén Crow, the Mánagers, and also it has taken part in the way of the English, the second film like director of also Antonio actor Flags in its native earth, Malaga. At the moment, wheel [the thirteen roses]].

Eva-Veronica Sanchez

EvaVeronica Sanchez Calderón was born the 1 from 1977 July in Seville, city that left study of Dramatic Art in Madrid,
sharing a floor of rent with also the actor Felix Go’mez.

While it finalized his studies, Veronica carried out some sporadic works in plays like ” Weddings of sangre” , based on the piece of Federico Garci’a Lorca.

Its luck changed when ” appeared to hearing of the film; To the south of Granada” , directed by Fernando Colomo. Veronica was selected for the paper of Julian, a young person of the Alpujarras that maintained a romance with Gerald Brenan (Mathew Grode), of which would remain pregnant. In the film, Veronica transmitted an innocent and as well energetic image of a youth that would be forced to mature with a greater implication with its social reality.

When concluding the running, Luis San Narciso paid attention to her and fichó for the series of television ” The Serrano” , where she interpreted to Eva, the daughter of called professor of institute Lucia (Bethlehem Wheel) who contracted second nuptials with a tabernero widower (Diego: Antonio Resines), whose older son (Marks: Fran Perea) convirtiría in its pair, with which it would live bitter moments such as a suspended wedding and a infedelidad that she committed with the best friend of Marks, Raul (I move away Sauras). It is possible to be said that Eva is at least 10 years old less than the real age of Veronica.

As a result of its paper in series, Veronica it was gaining popularity and although that fame him acaerreó some misfortune – cf. the harassment of the pink press, the bad education of men who dedicated his ” frequently to him; piropos” -, soon this provided certain benefits to him: the acquisition of own house as well as a candidacy to the Goya Prize to the best actress revelation than fell to the hands of Maria Valverde.

While it continued the running of the series, Veronica advanced in its cinematographic race. A titled comedy carried out together ex- companion of floor Felix Go’mez ” The year of garrapata”. This paper it followed Sara to him, a student of virgin university that integrated in a group of called rock the Siux and that touched in a well-known discotheque 23-F of 1981. The film was called ” The Calentito” and it backslid in his profile of boy-adult who lost his innocence, was gotten up to the real world, made his own decisions, imposing an own criterion.

Before releasing this one commercially it films, Veronica already had in candlestick ” Camarón” , in that she interpreted to the Spark, the woman of Shrimp of the Island, whose relation would mark the end of its adolescence after which convirtiría in the sufriente wife of a man to which it wanted to help to surpass his dogradicción and to expire an aggressive cancer of lung that would end its life. In order to approach its paper, Veronica estrevistó with the authentic Dolores Montaya: Veronica for the first time began to feel that its race really prospered.

Hardly concluded that running, Veronica was gotten up to the shooting of ” The 2 sides of cama” , in that she incarnated to Marta, a woman who leaves her fiance’ to initiate a lésbica relation. Lucia Jiménez, Guillermo Toledo, Ernesto Alterio, Alberto San Juan, Castro Pillar and Maria accompanied it to Esteve in a musical comedy in which his personage felt little loved by his fianc2ee and to that she granted at the end of the function the affective freedom to him: again Veronica Sanchez staged the process to the maturity in the great screen.

In May Veronica it initiated the promotion of ” The Calentito” that it left to be united to the list of ” Mine Sarah” , where he had of companions of distribution to Daniel Guzmán, Fernando Fernán Go’mez, Manuel Lozano and Phyllida Law. Finalized the film, Veronica went next to Oscar Jaenada to the Festival of Cinema of San Sebastián to promote ” Camarón”.

Due to its cinematographic commitments, Veronica left during a time ” The Serrano”. It was not mistaken. The 15 of December of 2005 Eduardo Noriega and Silvia Abascal announced that it chose to the Goya Prize to the best feminine interpretation of distribution, and that therefore already could stop considering a promise to comprise of the industry. Two weeks later ” was hardly released; The 2 sides of cama”.

In 2006 it carried out the first season of ” Genesis: in the mind of asesino” where it interpreted to a psychologist criminologist and it accepted a paper in ” Thirteen rosas” (2007). At the end of the year it received a candidacy to the medals of the circle of cinematographic writers by ” Mine Sarah” (2006).

Guille-Victor Elias

Víctor Elías Villagrasa Alvarez, is a young Spanish actor of television. been born in Madrid the 3 from March from 1991.

Victor resides in Madrid with his parents, and is only child.

Its first fixed televising paper was the one of son of Neus Asensi in the series They are thus. As much before as later it interpreted small episodic papers in other productions until the series of Telecinco, Serrano, with the paper of Mountain Guille sent, it to the fame.

At the moment he is member of youthful group SJK, arisen as a result of the Serrano and that composes with other actors of the series and group CHRK along with two friendly of Madrid and Cadiz.

In the cinema they emphasize its papers in films like the flowery pensil or the spine of the devil.

Tete-Natalia Sanchez


Name: Natalia Sanchez
Date of birth: 27 of March of 1990
Birthplace: Madrid

Natalia Sanchez has one more a sister older than Sandra is called; the animal enchant to him: it has 2 dogs that are called Greta and Sita and six turtles. From very small it liked to interpret and to sing, so when there were visits in house, she herself mounted her own spectacle.

To Natalia music gets passionate to him: with two añitos it learned to touch the violin and also it studied piano during several years; in addition, it made gymnastics rythmical and it got to gain several championships in Madrid.

It enchants to him to eat, it adores grazes and its favorite plate is the rice to the Cuban; On the other hand, it enchants to him to ignite candles and incense in his room, that has certain air ” místico”

From the 2002 it studies interpretation in the school of Juan Carlos Corazza. Its cinematographic debut was in the film ” Clara and Elena” , of Manuel Iborra and recently we have been able to see it in ” Hipnos” , of Ruiz Cordova and D. Races.

In television, it has taken part in diverse series: ” Periodistas” , ” Compañeros” , ” Javier no longer lives sólo” and ” A place in mundo” ; in addition, ” is the protagonist of the telefilm; The memories of alicia”

At the moment ” is Teté in the series of Telecinco; The Serrano” and now in addition, one of the components of musical group SJK

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Greške sa snimanja

Ovde možete videti ono što se dešava iza kamere…

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Najzanimljiviji događaji

Ova serija je stekla neviđenu popularnost u svim zemljama u kojima je prikazivana, prvenstveno zbog toga što je namenjena svakom uzrastu. U ovom postu ćemo prikazati neke od najinteresantnijih događaja koje su obeležile ovu seriju. Početak serije definitivno pripada Markosu i Evi i njihovoj “nemogućoj vezi”, da pogledamo kako je sve krenulo…

Ubrzo zatim, Markos je shvatio da je njihova vaza “nemoguća” , do duse malo mu je u tome pomogao i Dijego. Međutim, kada je u školu stigla nova profesorka, sasvim neočekivano dolazi do veze između njih dvoje i Markos uspeva da preboli Evu. Ali tu nastaje drugi problem.  Sada je Eva zaljubljena u Markosa i sada ona prolazi kroz sve muke koje je imao i Markos. Da pogledamo kako se ona snalazi u tome…

Napokon, sve prepreke su prevaziđene i njih dvoje su konačno zajedno. Naravno, na osnuvu dosadašnjih epizoda možemo da zaključimo kako su nam prikazali ovu scenu. Možemo reći samo jednu reč: Spektakularno! Ovo je sigurno najdirljiviji (pozitivan) trenutak. Da pogledamo tu ISTORIJSKU scenu…

Nadam se da vas je ovo zainteresovalo, ako želite da saznate šta se još dešavalo u seriji, preporučujem vam da što pre krenete da gledate, zato neću otkrivati više detalje.

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Uopsteno o seriji

Seranovi su velika urbana porodica. Dijego ima 41 godinu, udovac je, a Lusija ima 38 godina i razvedena je. Nekada, kao vrlo mladi su se voleli, a sada posle dosta godina slučajni susret i stara ljubav je oživela. Rešili su da se venčaju. Dijego dovodi u brak tri sina, a Lusija dve kćeri. Svi se useljavaju u novu kuću i Seranovi započinju novi život. Ali period prilagođavanja nije posut ružama. Njuhova deca su rasla u različitim društvenim i ekonomskim uslovima. Sada njihov zajednički život dovodi često do komičnih situacija koje ovu porodičnu seriju čine tako dinamičnom. Dijego ima brata Santijaga sa kojim zajednički drži mali bar gde se komšiluk skuplja na piće, meze i razgovore. Lusija je nastavnica u gimnaziji koju pohađaju Dijegovi sinovi i njene kćeri. Bar, kuća i škola su glavna mesta akcije. Teme su razlike u odgoju dece i različiti pristup svakodnevnim problemima, ali moraju da se naviknu na zajednički život. Za Dijegove sinove žene su nepoznati svet koji tek treba otkriti, a otkrića nisu uvek prijatna. Lusijine kćerke sa nevericom posmatraju kako se ponašaju muškarci i nadaju se da nisu svi muškarci isti. Muškarci i žene govore različitim jezikom i to se oslikava u seriji: oni vole bučne večere pored televizora, a one tihe porodične ručkove, oni vole druženje s prijateljima, a one putovanja i muziku, oni su duboko ukorenjeni u svoj komšiluk, a one imaju kosmopolitske ideje. Lusija odgaja kćeri uz razgovor i poverenje, a Dijego silom nameće svoju volju sinovima. Svako će morati da prihvati nešto od druge strane da bi porodica funkcionisala.



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